About JDFC

Who We Are

At Jack Dunn Flying Club, we are more than just a flight club; we are a community of aviation enthusiasts brought together by a shared passion for flying. Our journey in aviation is defined by our commitment to safety, a dedication to the growth of our member/owners, and a belief in the strength of unity. Welcome to our world, where aviation isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life.

Our Approach

Every flight club has a distinct purpose, and ours is no exception. Flight clubs unlock opportunities for pilots that solo ownership simply cannot match. We firmly believe that there is strength in unity.


In the realm of aviation, nothing takes precedence over safety. At our club, safety is not just a priority; it’s our unwavering commitment. Our member/owners benefit from a supportive environment that ensures they remain at the pinnacle of their flying skills.


Within our community of member owners, we inspire one another to prioritize continuous learning in aviation. We offer educational resources, support, knowledge sharing, and exclusive in-club opportunities to foster ongoing growth and help each member evolve into a more skilled pilot.

Our Leadership Team

Kasey Oakley


Jason Thornton

Vice President

Jerry Shands


Rodney Bledsoe


Duane Taylor

Maintenance Officer

Our Founder & Namesake

Captain Jack Dunn

In January 2007, fate led Ron Diamond, a former member of our club, to the flight school at Montgomery Regional Airport, known then as Southstar Aviation and now proudly operating as Box Aviation under the ownership of Eric Box. During his initial visit, Ron had the privilege of encountering an extraordinary instructor, “Captain” Jack Dunn.

Jack’s passion for aviation was contagious, and it wasn’t long before anyone who crossed his path couldn’t help but catch the flying bug. Learning to fly transformed from a mere possibility into an absolute necessity. For those fortunate enough to cross paths with Captain Jack Dunn, he became more than just an instructor; he became the instructor one had to have.

Jack Dunn was renowned for his high standards. He instilled in his students not just the skills to fly, but the determination to do it right. Under his guidance, every aspiring aviator, regardless of their certification or type rating goals, emerged with the confidence that they were well-prepared for the scrutiny of the FAA examiner.

Among Jack’s many students was John Jung, a former club member who had earned his private license in 2003 at the Aeroclub at Maxwell Air Force Base. In 2007, John began working on his instrument rating with Jack, coinciding with Ron’s journey. By the time both had successfully completed their check rides, a shared passion had ignited within them – the desire to make flying more affordable by co-owning an aircraft rather than renting. Thus, the seeds of the Montgomery Flying Club were sown in 2008.

With thousands of flight hours under his belt, Jack Dunn was a certified flight instructor in both single and twin-engine aircraft. He played a pivotal role in John Jung’s pursuit of a twin-engine rating, leading to a partnership in a twin-engine Grumman Cougar that Jack already owned.

Jack had a knack for identifying exceptional aircraft, and one such gem, Cessna N64892, found its home with our club. Even after his passing in 2011, Jack’s legacy lived on through the countless members he had trained and mentored over the years.

Today, as new members join the Jack Dunn Flying Club, they may not have had the privilege of meeting Captain Jack Dunn in person, but his spirit of friendship, enthusiasm, encouragement, and unwavering dedication to teaching continue to thrive within our club. The JACK DUNN FLYING CLUB proudly honors his memory, ensuring that the legacy of this remarkable aviator endures through every flight we take.

Our Location

Located at Dannely Field in Montgomery, Alabama, Jack Dunn Flying Club holds a premier hangar spot on taxiway Foxtrot off of taxiway Alpha.