Membership Information

Membership Information

Jack Dunn Flying Club currently has two airplanes: a Cessna 172 (N64892) and a Cessna C82R (N9XJ). Upon application, officer review, and payment of the initiation fee, each new member receives a share of N64892, making them a co-owner of the plane. Upon leaving the club, their share goes up for sale and the next new member who joins buys the seller’s share.

In addition to initiation fee, there are monthly dues of $165 month and a dry rate of $35/hour. 

In order to fly the C82R, there is an additional assessment and $30/month increase in dues.  The C82R dry rate is $60/hour.

If you would like more information about the initiation fee or other info, please complete a general inquiry using the contact button above.


Member/Shares available: 6

Our current by-laws allow for up to 30 members. We currently have 24 active members.

JDFC Flying Club Membership Application

Membership Application

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Military Service

Pilot Information

Check Ratings And Licenses Held Below And Give As Accurate An Estimate Of Time As Possible For Each Item.

Safety Record

Check Ratings And Licenses Held Below And Give As Accurate An Estimate Of Time As Possible For Each Item.

If you answer 'yes' to any of the safety questions, include a complete explanation showing events, dates, details in the box below. Failure to provide a detailed response(s) will automatically disqualify your application.

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Terms & Conditions

I hereby submit my application for membership in the Jack Dunn Flying Club. I understand that my application will first be reviewed by the JDFC Officers and upon review and acceptance, I will be billed for the initiation fee and the first month's dues. A copy of my driver’s license, pilot certificate, and my most recent medical certificate are being provided with this form.

I understand the Membership Initiation Fee is used to purchase a share in the club plane (N64892) and should I withdraw from the club for any reason my share will be for sale and the next new member will in effect buy my share thus refunding my initiation fee.

I understand that billing goes out on the 1st of the month for current month’s flight charges and following month’s dues.

I understand that monthly dues and flight charges are due and payable no later than the 10th of the following month and that a $25 late fee will be assessed monthly for any unpaid invoices.

I am hereby informed that I may automatically lose my flying privileges when I become one month late in paying my dues.

I am further informed that I will be transferred to inactive status if the balance is not paid by the 15th of the following month.

I understand that it is my responsibility to refill the fuel tanks on Club aircraft to the bottom of the filler neck after flight and before parking the aircraft in its hangar.

I understand that cooperative action of members is essential to effective club operation and regular attendance to monthly meetings and club aircraft care days is expected.

I have read and understand the club's By-Laws and General Rules.

I agree to abide by the Club's by-laws, General Rules and any resolutions of the Administrative Board while active as a member of the Club.